Z-Lux Les Paul Neck Pickup Test

OK I have never, ever used the neck pickup on any Gibson. I’ve just never been able to get the sound in my head, no matter how I twist the knobs. Until now. The Z-Lux gives me all the help I need to finally get “that tone” – the one in my head.

Here is the setup on the Z-Lux and Airbrake.


And here is the 6 minutes of just non-musical wanking.


Back in the ’80’s I participated in several bands around the Pacific Northwest. Every band seems to morph into different configurations as people come and go, and ideas stimulate new band names.

Souvenir was a project that got its start when a previous band transmogrified. In retrospect, there are times I would like to apologize to several of my friends for this effort, since I became an insufferable jerk to make it happen. Well, let’s get that out of the way first: I’m sorry Phil, that I forgot about friendship. And I’m sorry Robert, I should have behaved better. Sometimes looking back is painful.

Souvenir started out with Doug Cooley on keyboards and vocals, Tom Brain on bass and vocals, Jim Young on drums and yours truly on guitar. By this time, my emerging pitch problems had all but stopped any effort to sing (and you can hear a few pitchy bends here and there).

This first tune,  Working for the Weekend, was recorded around 1986 on a cassette recorder using two mics hanging over the dance floor in a bar. Thus the audio quality is crap – you can barely hear the bass, and this track has a nasty feedback right in the middle. However, this song really captures the level of energy we had when the band first got started. Vocals by Doug Cooley.

The second tune, Stages, was recorded in November 1988 after Doug had left the band and Brian Miller joined on guitar and vocals. We needed a demo, so I borrowed a friend’s 4-track Tascam Portastudio (thanks Rick!) and we took a 2-track feed off our monitor board, then hung two mics up in front of the band. I had to do some fairly fancy filtering to separate this out into about six tracks for the final editing, but we ended up with a reasonable stereo mixdown. Tom Brain on vocals.

Gear-wise, this is my 1969 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, played through my Mesa Boogie Mark III amplifier. I no longer have either of them (sob!).

I have more tracks from the November set, which I’ll post later. Enjoy.