Why do we need an HOA?

Why do we need an HOA (Homeowners Association)?

Note: The following are my opinions and do not necessarily represent the views of any specific HOA or its board of directors.

The title above is a question I hear often in my neighborhood. The other one is “What do we actually get for the dues we pay?” I think it would help to understand a little history here.

Back in the 1980’s, developers got the idea to bundle some kind of community asset in housing developments. This made the development more appealing. The asset may be a pool, a community club, a park, a greenbelt, or whatever seems appropriate for the size and location of the community.

The problem is, if you have a community owned asset, unless you set up some rules, you’re going to have problems with some of your neighbors. You go to use the clubhouse and it’s all trashed from the last user. You want to enjoy the pool but one of your neighbors has invited his entire extended family to have a wild party at the pool. Or one of your neighbors volunteers to let his homeless family member pitch a tent in the greenbelt. Continue reading “Why do we need an HOA?”