Z-Lux Les Paul Neck Pickup Test

OK I have never, ever used the neck pickup on any Gibson. I’ve just never been able to get the sound in my head, no matter how I twist the knobs. Until now. The Z-Lux gives me all the help I need to finally get “that tone” – the one in my head.

Here is the setup on the Z-Lux and Airbrake.


And here is the 6 minutes of just non-musical wanking.

Amp and Stomp Box Review

Dr. Z Amplification Maz 38 Senior
Custom Tones Inc. Ethos Overdrive
Radial Engineering Loopbone


I did something that I usually don’t do on a gig this week – tried three new items all at the same time. It is bad form doing that – usually in testing, you want to change one thing at a time, so that you know what precipitated the differences you’re observing. But in this case, I had a good reason.

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