Premier Guitar article on attenuating guitar amps

I just finished reading the subject article over on the Premier Guitar web site. This is a fascinating solution to a problem we guitarists have struggled with for many years.  It’s a tad on the expensive side though.  Here’s a quote from the article:

After demonstrating to maybe fifty or a hundred people, we couldn’t find anyone who would say, “You’re full of it.” Instead, we were hearing, “Why hasn’t somebody else done this? Why did it take fifty years?” We also heard a lot of, “When can I get one?”

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Maz 38 Senior and 1×12 Convertible Cabs

I have two Dr. Z Convertible cabs for my Maz 38: One has a Celestion Alnico Gold in it, the other a Celestion G12-65.  They are very different sounding, but the G12-65 is new so hasn’t been broken in yet.  I still have to decide if I want to leave that cab close-back or pull the panel off and make it open-back. I like the Gold with the back open. Continue reading “Maz 38 Senior and 1×12 Convertible Cabs”

Connecting Speakers to a Guitar Amplifier

For many people, attaching speakers to guitar amps is a mysterious process.  They are aware that there are “rules” you have to follow, and that the rules involve something called impedance, and terms like “series” and “parallel,” but what do those things mean, and how do you connect them so that your amp doesn’t burn up?

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