Dr. Z “Warmish”

OK, that last clip was mighty bright, as you’ve no doubt noticed. I did that on purpose – every time I do a clip about an amp, inevitably someone comes along and asks how it sounds with everything dimed. So I just did that straight away. 🙂

In this clip though, I set it up a little different:

Bass: 2 o’clock
Middle: Dimed
Treble: 2 o’clock
Hi: Dimed
Normal: Dimed
Half Power

Strat (neck) > Remedy > THD 2×12 (Alnico Golds)

Check it:

Remedy Warmer Strat

Maz 38 Senior and 1×12 Convertible Cabs

I have two Dr. Z Convertible cabs for my Maz 38: One has a Celestion Alnico Gold in it, the other a Celestion G12-65.  They are very different sounding, but the G12-65 is new so hasn’t been broken in yet.  I still have to decide if I want to leave that cab close-back or pull the panel off and make it open-back. I like the Gold with the back open. Continue reading “Maz 38 Senior and 1×12 Convertible Cabs”

Amp and Stomp Box Review

Dr. Z Amplification Maz 38 Senior
Custom Tones Inc. Ethos Overdrive
Radial Engineering Loopbone


I did something that I usually don’t do on a gig this week – tried three new items all at the same time. It is bad form doing that – usually in testing, you want to change one thing at a time, so that you know what precipitated the differences you’re observing. But in this case, I had a good reason.

Continue reading “Amp and Stomp Box Review”