Well what a surprise. It turns out, ignoring evidence can lead to an unacceptable outcome.

Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You saw the evidence every day during the primaries. Evidence that indicated your candidate is, and always has been a racist. But you chose to ignore it. Not a game changer for you. You even bought in to the idea that the evidence was “fake news” so that you didn’t have to feel so conflicted about it.

Now, you see. The man just defended Nazis. The same Nazis that over 60 million people died to eliminate from our world’s politics, just 70 years ago. What a mess we are in.

What should you do now? Well you cannot un-vote your candidate. You’re going to have to live with it. As we all must. But you can decide to live differently:

1. Develop a healthy respect for evidence. Seek it. Validate it. Use it to help shape your ideas and actions. And stop calling it fake news.

2. Teach your children about hate. Make sure they know we are all equal on this planet. Also, make sure they know that not everyone knows this, and what that means for them.

3. Reconsider your voting habits. Do you validate the candidates on your ballot? Does your vote really represent your core values? Based on the available evidence?

4. Make a list of your beliefs and seek evidence for each. Not anecdotes; evidence. Then ask yourself if your beliefs are supportable by the evidence you’ve found. Be willing to adjust your list based on your discoveries. It may be humbling, but it doesn’t actually hurt that much.

5. Be willing to admit to yourself when your judgement has failed you, and change course. You don’t have to admit it to the world, but you owe it to yourself.