The Scourge of the Pacific Northwest

Blackberries. I’ve been fighting them here for thirty years. I’ve sprayed them. I’ve chopped them. I’ve hired folks to pull them out by the roots. And every year they come back with a vengeance.

Take a look at these two samples that I extracted from the jungle this morning.

These were both cut very close to the ground. As you can see, they are quite large. The thorns are razor-sharp. The green version was alive, while the brown version was dead.

The green vine’s main trunk was growing up through some tree branches, arching over toward the ground about forty feet away. Where the other end touched the ground, it had taken root there as well.

Each branch off this main chute was doing the same thing – arching over and through other plants, and rooting at the other end. You cannot pull these out through the branches they have entwined through. You have to cut everything up into bite-sized portions.

The brown vine died off a couple years back. They are very hard – like a stick coming up out of the ground. This is why you don’t spray them – even if they die off, they are still a big problem.

We’ve had the entire back lot cleared several times. But the crows eat blackberries and then bomb our yard with a package of perfectly fertilized seeds, and we’re off to the races again.

To cut these fat vines, you need the best Stihl gas powered weed whacker, equipped with a brush cutting blade. Or you can go slower with a large pruner, but that takes a LONG time.