Premier Guitar article on attenuating guitar amps

I just finished reading the subject article over on the Premier Guitar web site. This is a fascinating solution to a problem we guitarists have struggled with for many years.  It’s a tad on the expensive side though.  Here’s a quote from the article:

After demonstrating to maybe fifty or a hundred people, we couldn’t find anyone who would say, “You’re full of it.” Instead, we were hearing, “Why hasn’t somebody else done this? Why did it take fifty years?” We also heard a lot of, “When can I get one?”

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OK here’s the link to the article – read it all as it’s fascinating.

Then go over to the FluxTone web site, find one of the dealers and you’ll eventually discover that a single 12″ speaker in a cab with this system is being offered for $1500.  Feh. I have no idea how much their manufacturing costs really are, but I can buy a brand new Dr. Z amp for that much.  So it remains to be seen how successful this product may be.

I can see it being employed in studios where delicate ribbon mics are often used for picking up guitar sounds, but poor bar musicians will have a hard time coming up with the scratch for such an expensive solution, especially considering all of the attenuators that do similar work for up to ten times less money. This would have to have revolutionary tone to justify such an expense, and I’m doubtful that could be claimed.  Still, I haven’t heard the system.