Can the Maz 38 produce that Funk 49 tone?

I saw a long thread about what guitars and amps Joe Walsh might have used on Funk 49, and I got to wondering what the Maz 38 would sound like on that tune.  So I hooked up my CS Strat and flailed a bit and this is the result. 

All the standard disclaimers apply – I had just finished my second glass of wine, so it’s a tad on the sloppy side, but I think the amp sounds pretty dang good!  Here’s the setup:

CS Strat > Maz 38 > Airbrake (4 clicks) > Z-Best

Volume: 2 o’clock
Treble: Dimed
Middle: Dimed
Bass: Dimed
Master: Dimed
Cut: 8 o’clock

Here’s the clip:  49walshtones