Pragmatism and the gun debate

I would like to comment on my observations about what I see on Facebook with regard to the reactions to the most recent school shooting in Florida. Although it appears that there are two factions (I’ll call them Pro-Gun and Anti-Gun so that we’re all clear on who is who) there is a third faction. I’ll call them the pragmatists. I believe that I am in the pragmatists group – to me guns are an inanimate object incapable of independent action, but if you’ll show me data that demonstrates taking some specific action with respect to guns will eliminate a specific problem, I’m keen to take that action. But you had better have the research.

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Well what a surprise. It turns out, ignoring evidence can lead to an unacceptable outcome.

Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You saw the evidence every day during the primaries. Evidence that indicated your candidate is, and always has been a racist. But you chose to ignore it. Not a game changer for you. You even bought in to the idea that the evidence was “fake news” so that you didn’t have to feel so conflicted about it.

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Olympic Mountains from Renton

So I wanted to get some photography in today, and I saw the Olympics when I was out and about, so I went to my local spot (the baseball field behind the middle school up the street from our place) and snapped about seven shots to stitch together for this image. I’m not particularly pleased with it – would have been better if it had been in the morning instead of noonish, but that’s when I was ready. Enjoy.

Olympic Mountains
Olympic Mountains from Renton Washington.

Z-Lux Slide Breaks

I needed some slide breaks for a project I’m working on, so I set up the recorder and did a few. I’m using my PRS which is set up for slide and tuned to open-E. I ran that into my Z-Drive and then into the Z-Lux. I have two clips here. They are not really music, just some slide breaks that I hope to use later on. Thought you might like to hear what the Z-Lux sounds like with this setup.

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On Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, and I am remiss in waiting so long to initiate my take on it. After all, the day is nearly done. But I’ve had my epiphany, and I must share it.

As I sit here watching veterans recall their experiences, and reading all of the news articles about the day’s events, one thing really hits home with me. Think about the context of the past several months’ events. We’ve had essentially riots over race issues, the Supreme Court pondering LGBT marriage, states such as Alabama and Indiana passing hate legislation – and it makes me wonder: Whose freedom were those veterans fighting for?

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